We are raising £75,000 to save Freemasons’ Hall Aberdeen

A recent survey has shown serious problems with the roof parapets and chimney stacks which have to be dealt with urgently.
Despite submitting applications for Covid-19 relief, which is issued by the Scottish Government and controlled by our City Council, absolutely NO support has been forthcoming and the last reserves are just about exhausted, mainly due to having to pay Business Rates (local taxes). The financial burden is now greater than can be sustained and there is a very real possibility, that without YOUR help this superb edifice and its archives will be lost to Aberdeen for ever. Please help donate using the link here.

About Us

Welcome to the website of Lodge Aberdeen No. 1 ter. We are one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the province of Aberdeen, dating back to 1670.

Regular meetings are held on a Monday, once a month from September through to April, please see the Lodge sessions for more details, all brethren are welcome to attend.

Lodge Seal

The seal of the Lodge dates from 1762 and reproduces and earlier one that was lost. The motto “Commissum tege et Vino tortus et Ira” is from Horace-Epistle 1-18.38 and translates “Conceal the secret entrusted to you even when influenced by wine or anger”.