St John’s Day Supper 2021

Later in the year than usual due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Lodge convened at the Royal Northern and University Club for our annual St John’s Day Supper. A four course meal, along with speeches and fellowship was enjoyed. This year, the RWM chain of office was unveiled.  A donation from the current RWM, it was believed to be the first full chain of office held by 1 Ter in its 350 years. This marked a special occasion, in which we give thanks to those involved who were gracious enough to make it happen.

We are raising £75,000 to save Freemasons’ Hall Aberdeen


These photographs are of Freemasons’ Hall Aberdeen. This building is not only the pride of the Masonic Fraternity in the City of Aberdeen, Scotland, but is considered to be among the finest, if not actually the finest, purpose built building devoted entirely to Freemasonry within the Scottish Constitution. It is situated in a preservation area in central Aberdeen and has been Grade B listed inside and out by Historic Environment Scotland. Purpose built of granite (it is of course in the Granite City) it’s doors were opened for the first time in December 1910. All of the craftsmen employed, both inside and out, were local. The archives and artefacts it contains date from the late 17th century and are a treasure of the social history of the City of Aberdeen.

Visitors from all over the world are quite literally stunned at this amazing building, and the beautiful halls it contains, and marvel at the skill of the Aberdonians who built and adorned it. It has often been described as Aberdeen’s hidden jewel. The photographs will give you a tiny view of the marble, wood-panelling and ornate plasterwork of the beautiful interior.

However to preserve the interior there must be a sound exterior and time and tide have taken their toll. A recent survey has shown serious problems with the roof parapets and chimney stacks which have to be dealt with urgently. The Corona Virus Lockdown has caused the Halls to close, resulting in absolutely no income. Despite submitting applications for Covid-19 relief, which is issued by the Scottish Government and controlled by our City Council, absolutely NO support has been forthcoming and the last reserves are just about exhausted, mainly due to having to pay Business Rates (local taxes). The financial burden is now greater than can be sustained and there is a very real possibility, that without YOUR help this superb edifice and its archives will be lost to Aberdeen for ever.

This appeal has therefore been launched asking for your help to preserve this iconic Aberdeen Landmark..

Anything that you may care to give will be gratefully received and, I guarantee, faithfully applied.

Should you wish to become a Friend of Freemasons’ Hall and make regular donations email us at :

Charity Run

Next month, one of our members Bro. David Livingstone, will be taking on the Ultra Tour of Arran. This is for a worthwhile cause and a great undertaking for charity. He describes this in his own words below:

“On the weekend of the 4th and 5th of April, I will be tackling the Ultra Tour of Arran. The race, in principle, is simple: Run the course until its finished, hopefully ending up in one piece. The complication lies in the distance and the terrain.  The course itself is off-road and if anyone reading knows the Isle of Arran, then they will know it’s not the fattest of islands. The total distance per day is roughly 30 miles, which is classed as an ultra marathon, all with a lovely springtime camp overnight.”

“This is all in the name of charity though, and it is a worthwhile charity for sure. I don’t want to demean the work they do by referring to them as an underdog charity, but I certainly feel that they don’t receive the wealth of publicity and recognition that they deserve. The North East Rider Volunteer Service (NERVS) provides courier support to the NHS, not only saving valuable time in transportation of vital medical supplies but also taking a huge burden off the hands of our Health Services.  Many many lives have been positively affected by the noble work that these volunteers do and I feel that this is the main reason behind why I chose them.”

It would be greatly appreciated if any would donate here, in the name of charity.

St John’s Day Supper

This years St. John’s Day supper coincided with Burns night (25th January). As with 1 Ter tradition, we were joined by members of the Lodge along with guests. Located at the Royal Northern & University Club, this was followed by a four course meal, coffee/mints and a glass of port, interlaced with fellowship and a couple of speeches by prestigious guests .

It was impressive to see brethren dressed in tartan, which ended up being a fantastic evening. A big thank you to those who attended and we wish to see you all next year.

Hill Top Heroes Challenge

Members of Aberdeen No 1 Ter, had undertaken a climb of Ben Nevis
earlier this month to raise funds for C.H.A.S.S (Chest, Heart And Stroke Scotland). Our very own members had managed to raise just over £7000 for the charity organisation. Very well done to those involved.

Race Night Fundraiser

The Lodge hosted a Race Night in order to bolster the charity account in lieu of providing charitable support in 2020, when the Lodge is celebrating the 350th anniversary of its Mark Book .

The event was organised by Bro John Deary and attended by 14 Lodge members, family and friends. After enjoying a splendid meal in the Ashvale Restaurant, Aberdeen, the compere showed 6 races and followed this by a raffle. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and it is pleasing to report that the sum of £1,156 was raised.