St John’s Day Supper 2024

The 2024 St John’s Day Supper was held at the Royal Northern & University Club. This dinner was chaired by Right Worshipful Master Bro. Paul Whitwell, with invaluable support from the Master of Ceremonies Bro. Alistair McIntosh PM.

Bro. Stuart Davie IPM initiated the evening with a grace before a splendid four-course meal, setting the tone for a night steeped in tradition and companionship. The event featured exceptional speeches and distinctive talks, among which was Bro. Henry Petrie’s recently crafted presentation titled “Luminaries of Lodge Aberdeen No.1 Ter.” His discourse not only provided insight and articulated knowledge but also infused a sense of the great figures from the past into the evening, presenting a compelling perspective on the luminaries of Lodge Aberdeen No.1 Ter’s history.